Steam Stimulation for shallow oil fields
Mobile and Green modern technology
Enhanced Oil Recovery

OilSteam Corporation

OilSteam Corporation offers an affordable and environmentally conscious solution for enhanced oil recovery in shallow oil fields.
Using thermal and miscible tertiary recovery methods, OilSteam is a new and economically feasible solution to extract more oil in mature wells with a declining production.

OilSteam Services

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Cyclic steam stimulation
  • Steam flooding

OilSteam Business

  • Our Sector: Mature oil fields
  • Our Sub-sector: Small and medium sized shallow wells (above 3,000 feet)
  • Our Niche: Wells that cannot be serviced economically by existing expensive non-mobile technologies.
  • Our Solution: Tertiary enhanced recovery using a combination of steam and gas injections
  • Our Target Market: Hundreds of thousands of wells in the USA, Canada and worldwide.
  • Our Differentiator: A new game changer and US patented technology  
  • Our Paradigm: Zero capital investment to the operator and attractive business model with very low operating costs